naomhÓga ChorcaÍ

A rowing club is a club for people interested in the sport of Rowing. Rowing clubs are generally near a body of water, whether natural or fabricated, that is large sufficient for manoeuvering the shells (rowing watercrafts). Clubs generally have a watercraft house with shelfs to store boats, and a dock or slipway to obtain them into the water. Several clubs host rowing competitors, known as regattas, on a certain weekend each year, as well as send out a competitive team to other regattas.

There are likewise “interior rowing” clubs which only have rowing machines. There are indoor rowing regattas, such as CRASH-B Sprints which takes place every wintertime in Boston.

A rowing club can have a diverse range of members for example they can be Irish or from any other international country. Usually both individual and family have a membership to row in a club.

Club members row at it’s location at different times during the week, and also organise club trips to places like Kilmacsimon, Baltimore, currach/naomhóg regattas in Kerry, Clare, Dublin and Galway, and adventures even further afield – to the London Great River Race, Galicia, Barcelona, Venice’s Vogalonga etc – the sky is the limit!

So what are you waiting for? Siúil leat agus beidh fáilte romhat!